Art 1 – Presentation

The WISH ONE MILLAU GRANDS CAUSSES is reserved for all cyclists, men and women, who ride GRAVEL bicycles, and only for them. This race will take place on 5 June 2022, starting from Millau, over a distance of approximately 130 km and 80 km. 

The GPX track of the race will be sent to each participant one week before the race.

A Trek UCI Gravel World Series event is a mass competition event with a mass start (or wave start with intervals between starting age categories) that is timed for all participants and separate results by age category and gender.
Riders must respect the rules of the road throughout the event on the entire course. 

The Trek UCI Gravel World Championships is the last event of the series, open to every qualified rider in the series, but also to elite riders selected by their national federation.

Art 2 – Conditions of participation

Must be over 18 years old,
Timing by transponder
GRAVEL bike compulsory (bikes with flat handlebars are not accepted) equipped with tyres with a section between 32 and 47 mm.
Helmet Mandatory for the entire event
Medical certificate less than 12 months old, authorizing the practice of cycling in competition, OR FFC / Triathlon / FSGT licence required

Medical certificate: to confirm the physical fitness of a cyclist to take part in a Trek UCI Gravel World Series race:

  • a) either the participant has a licence (which has been issued following the presentation of a medical certificate stating that there are no medical reasons that would prevent the participant from cycling) issued by a national cycling federation affiliated to the UCI
  • b) or the participant has a medical certificate issued by a doctor stating that there is no medical reason why the participant cannot cycle Technical or food assistance by a vehicle or by people at the side of the road is forbidden except in the area identified by the organisation.

Remember to make arrangements for repairs.
Refreshments are provided and you will have everything you need to eat well.
You must unconditionally respect the highway code and all French laws throughout the event.
You must unconditionally respect the instructions of the organizers and the volunteers/signalers.
It is strictly forbidden to ride with headphones.
You must always follow the directions of the race marshals.
If someone from the organisation asks you to stop, you must stop immediately.
Participation in the riders’ briefing (Saturday 4th of June at 6.30 pm in Millau) is mandatory.
You must respect the official GPX track.
You cannot leave the GPX track except with the agreement of a person of the organization.
Shortcuts, cuts and exits from the official GPX track are forbidden and will result in disqualification.
It is your responsibility to know the official GPX track, the absence of signposting is not an excuse for cutting or shortcuts.

Any participant will be disqualified in case of destruction or deterioration of public or private space and will be responsible to cover the costs incurred. The race management reserves the right to make changes to the race, delay the start times and/or postpone the event if necessary for safety or security purposes or at the request of the relevant authorities.

At the end of the race, please return the equipment you have been lent (such as the transponder used for timing) or you will be liable to pay a fee of 100€ to the organisation.

Art 3 – General conditions

By participating in the Wish One Millau Grands Causses:

I stay focused so as not to put my safety at risk, I stay in control of my speed and my bike, I commit myself to give the best of myself while respecting others (organizers, riders, public…
I will not hold the Wish One Racing Association responsible in case of a fall or other damage. I commit myself to come with a well maintained bike with good settings.
In the event of a fall or equipment problem on the course, please leave the course and stop the race if you are unable to start again in good conditions and inform the organizers as soon as possible.
I acknowledge that I remain responsible for my participation in the event and that no claim or action of any nature whatsoever may be considered admissible against the Wish One Racing association or the event partners.

Art 4 – Cancellation of registration
For participants who wish to do so, a “cancellation” insurance is offered at the time of registration to one of the races of the Wish One Millau Grands Causses by the platform Sport N Connect.
This option must be subscribed before the validation of the order. This option allows the participant, under certain conditions established by the insurer chosen by the organiser, to be reimbursed for the registration fees paid.

If the runner has not taken out cancellation insurance, he/she will not be able to make any claim for reimbursement from the organisation.

Art 5 – Qualification for the Trek UCI Gravel Championship

Each Trek UCI Gravel World Series event grants participation rights for the Trek UCI Gravel World Championships. At the end of each race, the top 25% of athletes in each age category will receive a ticket to the World Championships and will be eligible to race for the World Champion title. The top three in each age category will automatically qualify for the World Championships, regardless of the number of participants. Riders must finish the race to qualify. The 25% will be calculated on the basis of the number of riders who started and not on the number of riders who entered or finished. Ticket winners will be announced on and invited by e-mail.

Age categories

The results of the event are divided into different age categories, between women and men :

Elite category (only for Elite licensed runners)

19 – 34 years old
35 – 39 years old
40 – 44 years old
45 – 49 years old
50 – 54 years old
55 – 59 years old
60 – 64 years old
65-69 years old
70-74 years old
75-79 years old

A rider’s age group at the UCI Gravel World Series is calculated according to his age on 31 December of the year of the qualifying event. Riders who qualify after the World Championships for next year’s Championships and who change age group the following year will automatically qualify in the next age group, so there is no need to re-qualify in their new age group during the year of the World Championships. For the Trek UCI Gravel World Championships, titles and medals will be awarded to men and/or women as soon as a rider is registered in a five-year age group.

Art 6 – Assistance and Maximum Race Time

Individual assistance is only allowed in the areas identified by the organiser (the areas will be communicated to the participants at least 1 month before the race). Outside these areas, individual assistance is forbidden, as well as accompaniment during the race.

Art 7- Insurance

Civil liability
By participating in the Wish One Millau Grands Causses : I certify that I am insured for my civil liability towards third parties and for any physical or intangible damage that I may cause them during the race.

Individual accident
The Wish One Racing association, organizer of the event, has taken out an insurance policy n°3846067904, the purpose of which is to guarantee, in particular, in accordance with the provisions of articles L321-1, L311-9, D321-1, R331-14, a331-24 and a331-25 of the French Sports Code the financial consequences of the civil liability that may fall on the organiser or the competitors due to physical or material damage caused to spectators, third parties or competitors, but only, for the latter, when the event does not involve the private use of the public highway over the entire course.
Consequently, we strongly advise you to take out insurance covering your own personal injury and material damage.

It is the responsibility of each rider to ensure that sufficient insurance is in place for any accidents that may occur during the qualifying race. This can be provided either by an individual racing licence covering races abroad or by a private insurance policy. Neither the UCI nor the local organiser of the qualifying event is required to take out insurance for racing accidents.

You can take out such insurance with our partner ASSUR CONNECT: CLICK HERE

You can also contact your insurer to find out which insurance is best for you, depending on your situation.

Material damage
The organiser declines all responsibility in the event of damage (theft, breakage, loss, etc.) to participants’ personal property, even if the organiser is responsible for its supervision. The participant, in his capacity as owner, expressly accepts to keep the custody of his personal property during the event. This includes any damage to the participant’s personal belongings while they are left in the runner’s bags provided by the organiser during the event. Participants will not be able to claim against the organiser for any damage caused to their equipment. It is the responsibility of each participant to take out insurance to cover these risks.


Art 8 – Health measures

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, each participant undertakes to respect the government health measures in force at the time of the race.


Let’s fight together against Covid-19.  Let’s respect the barrier gestures to limit and slow down the spread of the virus.

Wash your hands regularly or use a hydro-alcoholic solution.

Cough or sneeze into your elbow or handkerchief.

Blow your nose into a single-use tissue and then throw it away.

Avoid touching your face.

Keep at least one metre away from others.

Do not shake hands in greeting and do not hug.

In the absence of treatment, the best protection for you and your loved ones is, at all times, to respect barrier measures and physical distance. In addition, wear a mask when the one-meter distance cannot be respected.

art 9 – Anti-doping 

The organiser, in conjunction with the FFC and the ALFD, reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who is currently suspended for doping in cycling or any other sporting discipline.
Any competitor who is tested after the race will have to provide proof (within 3 months after the race) that the test he or she has undergone is negative in order to be able to continue to participate in future events organised by the Wish One Racing association.
For this purpose, he or she will have to contact the AFLD ( ) to obtain a certificate and send it by email ( ) or by mail : Association Wish One Racing – Résidence de la Sagne – 5 rue de la Sagne – 12130 Saint Geniez d’Olt et d’Aubrac

Art 11 – Exceptional conditions and cancellation by the organiser

In case of force majeure or beyond its control, unfavorable weather conditions, pandemics or any other circumstance endangering the safety of the competitors, the organiser reserves the right:

– To modify/defer the start time by a maximum of a few hours 

– To shorten or neutralise the event – To stop or cancel the event

Cancellation before the race

In the event of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, a government decree or a prefectural order linked to the COVID 19 health crisis, the registration fee (excluding the fee collected by the Sports N Connect platform and the insurance chosen by the participant) will be reimbursed by the organiser.

Cancellation during the race

In case of “force majeure”, the organiser may stop the race. In this case, the runner arriving at a refreshment or control point must follow the instructions given by the volunteers and must respect them. No refund can be claimed.

Art 12 – Acceptance of the rules

The fact of participating in the race called “Wish One Millau Grands Causses” implies the acceptance of the present rules in their entirety, which have the value of a contract.
The rules can be consulted on the website as well as on site on the day of the registration and the race.